A Letter to My Dad!

Archived from February 21st ’15:

Dear Dad,

When my friends made up lies to stay out late; when most struggled to open up their heart; when they either compromised or turned rebel, I had a wonderful life. A life worth dreaming… I happen to read a quote recently which said “Indian parents want their children to stand out in the crowd, but they want them to do what the crowd is doing”; Probably it is because of you I am all that I am. It was you  who motivated me to venture my life…who taught me to walk fearlessly and I walked knowing you are there to hold me if I fall.

You gave me the freedom to experiment with everything. There were times when mom took the ‘Normal – Mom mode’  saying you shouldn’t say like that, you shouldn’t do like this, what will people think, that’s what guys do….You told me,’Listen to your heart!’.

Daddy, I still remember the excitement in your eyes when I climbed on a stage…I was not afraid to make mistakes because I was very sure you will be there with me. When every other parent put restrictions, you eliminated mine…You told me, ‘You are old enough to decide for yourself’…..It gave me courage – the courage to experiment, the courage to experience. It wasn’t easy, but yeah,I managed well-amazingly well.

When my friends buried their head in books and entrance examinations…I enjoyed my life pursuing my dreams……..You were so proud of me, you still are!!! When I bagged the gold medal, when I was selected for poetry at National level, I saw a proud Father……..Dad, you may or mayn’t be remembering the text you send me when I got placed – “Mone, You have done it. I am so proud of you”. That was the biggest medal any daughter can get…..

This New year I was out celebrating with my colleagues…Dad, you were aware I was the only girl in the team; Still you didn’t restrict me. I got a call at sharp 12. Though I know you, still you are a father – I expected you to say “Its Late Ammu, Get back home…..Blah…Blah” On the Contrary, What I heard was “Happy New Year Mone….How is the party…??? Have fun”

If I start penning down each and every instance which have touched and influenced me, pages won’t be enough…

All I can Say is – Thank you dad for trusting me so much that I fear betraying you…..Thank you dad for letting me stand out…Thank you dad for motivating me in all my ventures…. Thank you Dad for all that you are to me.

Thank you Dad for being the best dad 🙂


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