Crazy World Around

I am starting my blog with few old posts…posts I haven’t looked back after the date it was written. Nostalgic to find the old posts and think about what made me write them….think about how life transformed all these years…think how many friends became strangers and how many strangers became life’s important part. Its been 3 years and I lost access to the old mail IDs. So, here I am starting it fresh….

The following is an archive from December 14th ’13 :

Recently a friend from Netherlands asked me a wonderful question on arranged marriage……..”How can you marry a stranger? How do you fall in love at sight and decide he is the guy?” It was an amazing question……..At that point,my reply was “That is how the culture molds people’s insights and perspectives!” But…….Is that so? Is it a compulsion to fall in love with the person if he is from  a good family background, with an excellent qualification and all that is necessary. Premarital sex is on heights. Isn’t that contradicting the culture? Men going to the prostitutes. Why not giving an option for individuals to choose the life they want to live, the person they have to live with, the man who can understand their every notions?

People presently are hypocrites………….who speak against worldly pleasure and extra-marital affairs…….But finds amazing lies to be with anyone and return home late………I wonder if it is because there is a lack in people admitting themselves or maybe because they are forced into a relation they never wanted or even because life isn’t being what they dreamt of……….

I am quite nervous to think I will be pushed into this very drama in a few months time………Fixing a guy………..But I wonder what should be the criteria for the selection process 😉 Is it the loooks, his pocket, family, mother-in-law 😉 or even his capacity to impress me in our first meeting – probably less of flirting & more of pretending………


One thought on “Crazy World Around

  1. “Probably less of flirting & more of pretending”, aren’t both equally bad?? But, that said, I hope you are mature enough now to realise what is worth what. As you had mentioned it was an old post, I assume you might have realized by now as to how fake the world can be. Keep going, Keep writing. Looking forward for more 🙂


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