Vanished into Eternity…

We have experienced all types of emotions…a variety of emotions…And it is funny to think how some wonderful memories bring a tear and how some bitter experiences brings a smile. Something life has taught me was everything is temporary. Nothing is eternal. Emotions, people, incidents change with time and we just go with the flow.
On this day, I wake up to a normal peaceful day. Started fighting with the veggies and cookers…finally packed the lunch and bade goodbye to my husband. Followed by few cleaning activities, News running in the background. After all the hussles, I put all the dirty clothes in the washing machine and sat down to sip a coffee. As I sipped, I opened the chats… As I went through the chat, Sambu texted me. Sambu is my best friend, a friend I miss almost everyday. He used to be my one-step or 1-Click problem solver, stress buster, partner-in-crime, hangout partner and my dear one…
The text was,”You remember my friend Aji?”
I replied,”Yeah…..y?” (That text got me a chill,I freezed for a moment…Probably because that is not how our chats begin….Something was wrong. I just wished its not what I thought it was)
But yes,it was… “Avan Marichu” (He is dead…in malayalam)
And booom….It was a car accident. I just thought for a moment about his wife and child who were in the car with him and survived. The life ahead, a day they would never want to remember. A day that has gifted nothing good.
In a matter of 5 minutes, My day just changed. Its not a casual day. Though I knew him for a short while, I remember his cheerful face and humor when we last met for a movie with Sambu. I felt sad for Sambu. I know what his friends mean to him. I know What Aji meant to him. If that news affected me, I am sure its not easy for him.
Be nice to people. No matter What. We just don’t know what the very next minute holds for us. Its not easy seeing a friend just vanish from your life. I had missed several of my close one – some to deaths, some to misunderstandings. But I will not regret the ones I lost because of misunderstandings, because I am sure I tried my best in patching up, I tried my best to be nice and to apologise, I took that extra step that they remained in my life. I wouldn’t regret the ones I lost to death, because there was nothing I could do about it, and I know for sure I gifted them good memories for the short time we knew each other.
Life is like a fairytale where people come and go. We meet many different people – funny, weird, strange, depressed, nice, innocent…it goes on. Some stay close, some just move on. We can’t hold on to people because there is nothing we own.All we own are the memories and emotions we create which can be gifted to others. Just live life, there is nothing we can control and there is nothing we should try to control. And as the saying goes,” No matter what happens, Life goes on…”


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