The REAL World

Today I am in a mood to be myself…enough of fake smiles, enough of pretentious talks, enough of sweet shaggy expressions… I am done with u, Mr.Life. Done with u for today.
Dear Life, Listen for this moment what I feel about you and what I had for you. I agree we had lot of misunderstandings and fights. Let us clarify things and move forward together. You continue doing things as per your wish and not even for a while do you think how I feel about them.You are not bother what emotion I am in and continue doing things as you wish. Have some respect Man. Because of you, I am turning my nights sleepless, I am wasting my precious tears, I dont even know why I am still hung with you. Its so tough what you cook for me everyday and put across the table. But I think I know the reason I am still with you…..I don’t want to quit.
Yeah, I don’t want to quit. Do you think its easy for me….then listen, No!!! Its just I am ready to face it.I have had enough – heart breaks, sexual harassment, physical illness, mental tortures, depression, broken family, selfish parents, Bitchy friends, Horrible job, Monster men….everything….I have enough of everything. And each time you test my patience, I didn’t let myself down. I don’t regret the things you did for me.Because you made me strong, you made me independent…Above all, you made me stable…emotionally stable. Emotionally stable to the point, I can ignore my emotions. Emotionally stable that Nobody can snatch away my happiness and Emotionally stable that I decide when I should cry and when I shouldn’t.
There were days…days I cried…turning my days to nights and nights to day. As a child, I was scared of everything around….I don’t know why I was scared – if I get low marks, if I break something…Even if I didn’t do anything wrong, I was the one to get all the scoldings…I was insecure.I was afraid. As the scared factor increased, a rebel in me started growing…telling me “U aren’t scared, U needn’t do it if you don’t want to” and I embraced it as my good friend. I was no more scared of the consequences -F**k off Marks, “Go to hell People”… I grew making mistakes and learning from them…But today when I look back – I can count on my fingers the number of mistake and wrong decisions I made in the last 26 years. Screw you Life…You made me feel so miserable. No, You haven’t always gifted me the worst. You have taught me a lot- a real lot. When I look back at how I have stood up from what you have surprised me with, I feel relieved, enlightened, above all happy and contended. You have showed me what is to be a girl in the Men’s world. You showed me the power of our mind. You proved me you aren’t as bad as you seem to be.
Thanks for showing me how strong I can be. Thanks for giving me the strength to face you. Thanks for giving me opportunity to look forward….. Thanks!!!


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